William Blake Exhibition at Tate Britain – Tuesday 14 January 2020

William Blake, 1757 – 1827, was a painter, printmaker and poet. Largely unrecognised in his lifetime, he is now seen as a seminal figure in the history of the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. He created some of the most iconic images in British art and inspired artists, musicians, poets and performers worldwide. From the Pre-Raphaelites to Paul Nash and Graham Sutherland, from WB Yeats to Bob Dylan, from Britten and Vaughan Williams to John Taverner, so many have drawn on his work. Of course we all know his famous poem, set to music by Parry, Jerusalem.

William Blake

This exhibition, which has attracted 5 star reviews, shows more than 300 of his watercolours, paintings and prints.

Our visit will include a private introductory lecture by a Tate expert to illuminate our individual tour of the exhibition.

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