Virtual Tour – The Final Journey of the Unknown Warrior – Tuesday 15 November at 11.00am

On the morning of the 11th November 1920 the funeral of Britain’s Unknown Warrior took place at Westminster Abbey. This revealing and often heartstoppingly poignant virtual walk follows the route of The Unkown Warrior’s funeral procession through Westminster and tells his  story. Along the way our guide, Ruth Polling, will explore the wider landscape of remembrance in Britain and show us how a nation reeling with collective and personal grief developed elements of remembrance still used today, including national and local war memorials, the silence and the poppy. A hundred years later we will discover how and why Britain still remembers.

London born and bred, Ruth Polling graduated in  International History from the London School of Economics before working in London politics for eleven years, including work the House of Commons and the House of Lords. She then turned to guiding and  graduated top of her year as the London Blue Badge Tour Guide of the Year 2014. In addition to tour guiding, Ruth lectures and runs training courses on London history and politics.