Church Trails

A Church Trail is a question sheet that guides children and accompanying adults round a church and encourages them to engage with the architecture, history and furnishings. Members of The Arts Society voluntarily give their time to research and write the questions and corresponding answer sheets. The aim is to encourage 8-12 year olds and their families to learn about the building and inspire them to visit and enjoy other churches.

A Church Trail is produced by a member society of The Arts Society Society with the training, help and support of their Church Trail Area Representative. The local society bears the small cost of making the trail and setting it up in the church. The church then funds the maintenance of supplies of the trail.

The question sheet is two-sided A4 in a child friendly design. The simplicity of the format keeps the cost of printing to an absolute minimum. The Answers, also on two sides of an A4 sheet, are knowledgeable and well researched.