Seurat dot dot dot ……. Thursday 2nd February 2017

by Eveline Eaton

Within Post-Impressionism, Georges Seurat (1850-1891) evolved a highly personal style which is often referred to as Pointillism – hence this lecture’s title ‘dot … dot … dot’. Seurat’s method of dividing primary and complementary colours in his often large pictures as well as his social concerns and the impact of Old Master art, resulted in a forceful departure from intuitve Impressionism. Among others, his masterpieces  ‘The Bathers’ (N.G. London) and ‘La Grande Jatte’ (Art Inst. Chicago) have becme icons in the history of modern art. This talk will follow Seurat’s development from his early drawings to the serene landscape paintings shortly before his all too early death.

Eveline Eaton is a freelance lecturer in Fine Arts and a tour guide to Berlin, Dresden and Munich. She is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dresden Trust.