Special Interest Day: The Grand Tour – Tuesday 20th November 2018

The Grand Tour: Travel & Collecting in the 18th Century

Three lectures given by Caroline Knight FSA

10:00-15:00 including free drinks and fruit at lunchtime (bring your own food)

1. Introduction:

  • How the Grand Tour began in the C17th.
  • Who went where and how they travelled.
  • Visitors to Venice & Florence: What to see and what to buy.

2. Grand Tourists in Rome:

  • Study of the classical past and its sculpture.
  • Buying art: Old Masters and views of Rome.
  • Visits to Naples: What to see and what to buy.
  • Sr William Hamilton, art collector and ambassador.

3. Artists and Architects in C18th Italy:

  • Founders of the Royal Academy.
  • Joshua Reynolds, Allan Ramsay, Joseph Wilton, William Chambers & Robert Adam.