Christmas Quiz – 15 December 2020

On December 15th we held a Christmas Quiz on Zoom as we were unable to hold our usual Christmas lunch owing to Covid restrictions. People were asked to wear something red and to bring their own glass of wine to the Zoom Quiz. There were to be no prizes; just an evening of Christmas fun.

The event started with carols playing as people logged onto the Zoom connection and we had a chance to greet other members of the Arts Society and wish them a Happy Christmas. Peter Crowfoot, dressed as Father Christmas, welcomed us and introduced Angela Raine, who had designed a light hearted Quiz with some 40 questions.

There were four rounds with questions taken from carols, Christmas literature, Christmas customs, history, some anagrams and a picture round.  Some questions were easy and some far more difficult. Angela read the questions and we marked our own answers which were given at the end of each round.

The first round of eight questions was followed by some light hearted readings by Margaret Jackson. After the second round Wendy Allan asked questions about Father Christmas’ reindeer and Jackie Bearman and Peter Crowfoot also contributed some jokes.

The third round was a picture round. Angela had chosen some beautiful works of art for us to name the artist and try to give the date that they were painted. This round included pictures by John Henry Twachtman, Alfred Sisley, Filippo Lippi, Bastiani, Monet, Sohlberg and Burne-Jones. I found this round very difficult but loved the pictures that Angela had chosen.

We had another short break when others had a chance to tell jokes or Christmas stories, and chat,  before the final round. We marked our own answers and totalled our scores. Gillian Devine was our winner, with the highest score.  I certainly enjoyed the Quiz which was great fun and gave us a chance to share an evening with other members of the Arts Society.

Linda Dixon