Visit to the National Gallery, London – October 2024 – Date to be confirmed

To View Exhibition on VAN GOGH: POETS AND LOVERS

2024 marks the 200 anniversary of the National Gallery and at our March 7th lecture we will be discovering its history from lecturer Simon Whitehouse. This will be an excellent background for our visit in October which will include tickets to this landmark exhibition, bringing together the most loved of Van Gogh’s paintings from around the world, some of which are rarely seen in public.  They will be paired together with his extraordinary drawings.  



Over just 2 years in the South of France Van Gogh revolutionised his style in a symphony of poetic colour and texture. Inspired by poets, writers and artists his time in Arles and Saint-Remy was a decisive period in his career.

Bookings will open at our May 2nd meeting.