The Green man in English Churches by Imogen Corrigan – Thursday 3 October 2024

More correctly called ‘foliate heads’, there was a proliferation of Green Man images around the year 1400. The lecture discusses how the image may have evolved from pagan and Classical times and what its purpose may have been. Although they may originally have been connected to ancient fertility rites, the majority show either distorted or very mature faces which seems to contradict the notion that they were associated with May Day frolickings. It may be that we can learn more about its meaning if we take into account the historical events of the time and their effect on the nation’s imagination.

Imogen Corrigan

After nearly 20 years in the British army, went to the University of Kent to study Anglo-Saxon & Medieval History and Art, graduating with 1st class honours, followed by an MPhil from the University of Birmingham. Works as a freelance lecturer across Britain and Europe as well as lecturing on small cruise ships and running study tours and courses on land. Has written Stone on Stone: the Men Who Built the Cathedrals, published 2019. A Freeman of the City of London, being a Member of the Company of Communicators.

It is a great pleasure to welcome back Imogen who last spoke to us in 2021 when she gave an outstanding lecture about the Bayeux Tapestry.