2020 Lecture & Special Interest Day Programme Preview

2020 Lecture Programme

Here is a sneak preview of our new lecture and special interest day programme ………

January 9th  (2nd Thursday) – “Turner v Constable: The Great British Paint-Off”

This lecture sets two creative geniuses head-to-head and examines their differences, similarities, battles and triumphs. But who will be crowned Star Painter?   NICOLA MOORBY

February 6th – Archaeological Adventures in Albania

The rugged, green and mysterious landscape of Albania has been home to Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Venetians and Ottoman Turks.  Louise worked there for 6 years and her talk will follow her team of archaeologists working to unlock the secrets buried in its soil.     LOUISE SCHOFIELD

March 5th – The Healing Power of Plants

Despite being used for thousands of years, the role of plants in modern medicine is still considered to be peripheral by many people.  This talk will put the record straight showing that plant products are used every day, by all of us to relieve pain, heal wounds and cure diseases.    TIMOTHY WALKER

April 2nd  – The Forensic Eye: Find your Inner Connoisseur

How can you tell whether a piece is by one painter or another? Artists before the 18th century usually worked with assistants.  How to distinguish between master and pupil, master and copyists?  Various clues will be considered, plus some of the tricks of the connoisseur.  CHANTAL BROTHERTON-RATCLIFFE

May 7th – New Advances in Ice Age Art

Dating from c.40.000 to 12,000 years ago, Ice Age Art is still being found every year around the world. This talk will present some recent discoveries, many of which are still unknown to the general public and a few still unpublished.   PAUL BAHN

June 4th  – Artemisia, Elizabeth and Laura: 3 Exceptional Women Artists

Throughout the 300 years that separate these three artists, women had to fight for basic training and the right to exhibit and sell their art.  This talk will show how their determination to succeed enabled them to rise to the top of their respective worlds.   BERNARD ALLEN

September 3rd – The Queen of Instruments: The Lute within Old Masters

During his lecture, Adam will play the Lute which became the pastime of educated courtiers, in paintings it evoked celestial harmony and was also used as a device to express various aspects  of human character throughout the ages.    ADAM BUSIAKIEWICZ

October 1st – The GPO Film Unit

This is the entertaining story of how documentary films started in the Edwardian days of silent movies through the Soviet influence with Battleship Potemkin to the classic film “Night Mail” featuring the poetry of Auden and music by Britten.     HOWARD SMITH

The AGM will precede this lecture

November 5th  – Joaquin Sorolla: Painter of Light

Sorolla created a world full of light and colour which delights the senses. Those who saw the exhibition of his paintings last year will be fortunate to see some of them again, and those who didn’t are in for a delightful surprise.      JACQUELINE COCKBURN

December 3rd – Dickens of a Christmas and “God Bless us Everyone”

Charles Dickens was a man of extraordinary energy and talent: Literary genius, reformer, public speaker, actor and amateur magician.  This lecture will reveal a Dickensian Christmas with readings, biographical detail and conjuring tricks.   BERTIE PEARCE

Special Interest Days

March 17th – Tuesday – Masters of the Sea from the 17th Century to the Present Day.

Three lectures given by JAMES TAYLOR.

Introduces the subjects, themes and styles of marine painting and focuses on the development of the genre in Britain. Subjects include dramatic sea battles, ship portraits, ports and harbours, fishing, a brief introduction to Captain James Cook, Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, royal yachts and races, clipper ships and ocean liners, as well as official war artists. The historic buildings of the National Maritime Museum are also featured as they were instrumental in the development of maritime art.

November 17th – Tuesday  – Once Upon a Time.  Children’s Books Through the Ages.

Three Lectures given by ELIZABETH MERRY.

Beginnings: Morals, Martyrs and Marketing The Invention of Childhood

The Golden Age: Fantasy Restored – Beasts, Birds and Burlesque

The Big Picture: Trials of Life – Secret Sorrows, Audacious Adventures and Cosmic Conflicts